Vegetarians and Vegans

At Becketts we believe that every diner has a right to the same commitment and effort from the Chef when dining out whether or not they choose to eat animal products or products derived from animals.

Too often Vegetarians and Vegans are excluded from restaurant menus or offered a limited choice of unimaginative dishes that could easily be created at home.

Our Head Chef Chris is a Vegan and Vegetarian enthusiast who strives to create interesting flavour combinations with enough depth to satisfy any diner. Chris loves to produce Vegan and Vegetarian food that any food lover would eat as he believes firmly that these dishes should be another option of the same quality as the rest of the menu.

Becketts offers a selection of Wines suitable for Vegans, which are made using no animal derived fining agents.

We put a lot of effort into providing clear and accurate labelling of Vegan (VG) or Vegetarian (V) options, so when we tell you it’s Veggie then it definitely is!

If you have any questions for our Chefs regarding anything Vegan or Vegetarian, please do get in touch at [email protected]